The Code Linux

It's 0104hrs and I am up yet, I have finished watching some selected scenes of social network, watched Pirates of Silicon Valley and now watching documentary The Code Linux. Movies such as these, provide motivation and a feel and make you remember what you are aimed at.
Due to illness that I suffered from last 15days, I was little depressed so decided to watch these videos that put me on track and make me wake up excited as I am living my dream, I am about to become a computer engineer, only worry I have is Will I be a good engineer?. This question haunts me a lot. I am person that wants to change the world. Put a dent in this world, make some recognition. I want to live my life as a legend. All these are but yet dreams, I keep on pushing myself to turn them into goals and not just dreams. I am embedding this documentary from The Code Linux.

This is another video that I love

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